Saturday, September 18, 2010


My mom. Quite simply that is what this song is about. The verse says, "I passed you by, I had a chance to apologize but I kept it to myself. I crashed on your couch I tracked ash across the house and I never Apologized. Shes got a halo, and nobody knows that it shows." What i am trying to communicate to the listener is not only did i track my cigarette smell threw her house, but sometimes I didn't even stop and say thanks or that i am sorry for my actions. At the same time i am realizing that," who am I?" to think she doesn't understand me? She has lived three time the life i have. And here I am not even apologizing, even though i know i am in the wrong. And the song, when it comes down to it, I am saying sorry. For passing her by a lot of times with out giving her the attention and love she deserved from her 17 year old son that she raised better than that.

" shes got a Halo"

Halo Grace by Greysongrimes

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