Saturday, September 18, 2010


My mom. Quite simply that is what this song is about. The verse says, "I passed you by, I had a chance to apologize but I kept it to myself. I crashed on your couch I tracked ash across the house and I never Apologized. Shes got a halo, and nobody knows that it shows." What i am trying to communicate to the listener is not only did i track my cigarette smell threw her house, but sometimes I didn't even stop and say thanks or that i am sorry for my actions. At the same time i am realizing that," who am I?" to think she doesn't understand me? She has lived three time the life i have. And here I am not even apologizing, even though i know i am in the wrong. And the song, when it comes down to it, I am saying sorry. For passing her by a lot of times with out giving her the attention and love she deserved from her 17 year old son that she raised better than that.

" shes got a Halo"

Halo Grace by Greysongrimes

"Mannequin "

My intentions with "Mannequin" and its message was to say,"you are a Idiot" to all these people (girls) that try so hard to be this "thing" that everyone loves. And its totally impossible to be. Because this thing doesn't really exist. This, "thing" is imperfect. This, "thing" never grows old. This, "thing" is really hard to break. And this, "thing" is made of material, not flesh. This "thing" is A "Mannequin" . Its a fake person that girls young and old stare at and dream of becoming. And its not even breathing! lol haha So heres the song and enjoy it! thanks for listening!

Mannequin Rough Mix by Greysongrimes


This song is a Rewrite from three years ago. I was in "songwriting class" the other day and the teacher had said. "Always rewrite" " the song will only get better the more and more you go over it." And i believe that explains why a lot of touring artist and bands when they perform there songs over and over, they add a couple new lyrics or words here and there, as well as different melody changes. And that could explain why SOMETIMES covers of songs can sound better to others than the original. So I took this wisdom home, looked threw some song that really mattered to me that just weren't done. And this one, "Virus" is one i came across. Surprisingly, its the one you will hear the least of me playing or singing, but it is probably one of my most favorite songs I have ever written. The reason It was written was because I was trying to save someone who was struggling.And that person now is right back to where we left off. And i am now realizing the tools and Intentions i was missing three years before. So this recording is a sample of the full version and totally sounds different than the original. Enjoy...

Virus (Web Sample) by Greysongrimes